Monday, September 17, 2012

Body by Vi vs Advocare

Have you wondered how Body by Vi compares to Advocare?  Well, here you go!  Although, it looks to me that it really doesn't compare at all.  The differences in calories, sugar, and carbs is crazy! Start your Body by Vi Challenge Today and lose weight quickly!
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  1. First off the science behind Advocare is FAR greater than your product and the amount of sugar, carbs, and fat are blended into the right amounts for proper nutrition digestion....Advocare isn't a weight losss product, its a health and wellness COMPANY.We don't encourage are simply an uneducated person with Advocare and shouldn't be comparing your small product to a company that has its resources alligned and also has proven to be a safe wellness supplement that encourages healthy living...V is not a lifestyle..its a shake...I eat real food.